Liquid and solid level measurement

Liquid and solid level measurement devices are characterized by their high accuracy and reliability, even in difficult applications, and by a unique, innovative operating philosophy. A complete series of level switches for liquids and solids and mechanical level meters round out the Krohne level portfolio. Even for challenging applications, e.g. at the highest temperatures and pressures, corresponding customer-specific solutions are available if customers know what to look for. What follows is a walk-through of the latest innovations available in the Krohne portfolio.


Adaptability and variability are key to meeting customer needs. Krohne, Inc.’s new generation of liquid and solids level measurement products feature better measurement performance, enhanced software, and an improved and more powerful signal processor.

The new product families include both 24 gigahertz (GHz) and 80 GHz versions, which further increase the accuracy and range of measurement on the devices. Antennas for each model are designed to meet application-specific installations. Also available is a retrofit path for those with older style models who want to keep their existing antennas and upgrade electronics without losing the hermetic seal on the tank.

New liquid level measurement devices include Optiwave 5400 (24 GHz) for liquids in basic process applications; Optwave 7400 (24 GHz) for agitated and corrosive liquids; Optiwave 7500 (80 GHz) for liquids in narrow tanks with internal obstructions; and Optiwave 3500 (80 GHz) for liquids with hygienic requirements. These replace the Optiwave 7300. Solids level measurement devices include Optiwave 6400 (24 GHz) for solids ranging from granulates to rocks and Optiwave 6500 (80 GHz) for powders and dusty atmospheres.


These are new devices for replacing the Optiwave 6300 in the product line. Current Optiwave 6300 and Optiwave 7300 devices will be phased out at the end of 2017. Spare parts will be available during 2018 and later.

However, this phase-out will not leave existing customers facing a dead end. Krohne is also providing an upgrade path that enables users with an older style Optiwave 7300 to leave the radar antenna installed on the tank top. Users simply plug in new electronics—with no loss of hermetic seal between the tank top and electronics.

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