Liberty Reach Inc., a supplier of 3D volumetric vision guidance systems for robot applications, announces its rebranding to Liberty Robotics Inc. This change aims to better represent the company’s increased focus on advancements in machine vision and robotic guidance technologies. Accompanied by a new tagline, “Machine Vision AI,” the new name marks a strategic shift towards broader applications in robotics, beyond the company’s established base in the automotive sector.

Liberty Robotics is a key player in providing robotic guidance solutions utilizing 3D vision volumetric sensors and proprietary software within the automotive industry, offering technologies for applications such as body sealing and material handling. With the rebranding, Liberty Robotics intends to maintain its presence in the automotive market while expanding into warehousing and logistics.

“Our commitment to the automotive arena remains strong, yet we see significant opportunities in the warehouse and logistics sector,” says Bob Berry, president and CEO of Liberty Robotics Inc. “Our technologies are designed to advance automation across various fields and while our current focus is on optimizing goods packing and mixed-case pallet retrieval.”