Paragon Processing, the largest operating hemp processing facility in the United States, is officially open for business. Based in Colorado, just 140 miles south of Denver, Paragon Processing specializes in providing turnkey services and total solutions for hemp farmers and business owners, alike.

The high-security facility is 250,000 square feet and stationed on a 38-acre property. It stores up to 50 million pounds of hemp biomass, hosts 13 dock-high loading positions and houses Superior Flow-branded proprietary equipment.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, Paragon Processing extends its tried-and-true approach to both farmers and business owners nationwide, along with expanding to fill 250 internal job positions by the end of 2019.

Paragon Processing offers services related to processing, sales, THC remediation, onsite third-party lab testing, storage and post-harvest farm support. Utilizing the most current techniques in extraction and distillation, Paragon Processing develops a variety of full spectrum and THC-free products.

The facility’s climate-controlled capabilities minimize the risks associated with external weather conditions and temperature shifts, providing solutions for all farmer needs. Additionally, by offering the proper storage conditions and ideal cooler temperatures, the threat of mold is entirely eliminated from the hemp production equation.