JWC Environmental’s 30K and 40K In-Line Muffin Monster grinders have been providing peace of mind to plant operators for over forty-five years. They cut their teeth protecting pumps in wastewater treatment plants around the world and today are used in a wide range of municipal and industrial applications. Wastewater professionals repeatedly turn to JWC’s Monster grinders as the ultimate sludge grinder solution to cut down troublesome solids. It is ready to shred down rags and other debris that can damage pumps, clog valves, and foul treatment equipment—causing costly damage and excessive repairs.


The original 30K Muffin Monster is a workhorse sludge grinder for biosolids processing systems, waste to energy applications, and pulp and paper plants, just to name a few. It covers flows from 450 to 2,450 gallons per minute (102-556 cubic meters per hour). This Monster will not only cut through rags and other solids in fluidized sludge systems but also precondition the sludge to give it a uniform consistency prior to digestion or dewatering. The 30K units are also commonly installed within dry wells of pumps stations to protect pumps from solids found in wastewater collections systems.


The big brother to the 30K, the 40K Muffin Monster is the even stronger grinder offering with robust 2 ½-inch (64 millimeter) hex shafts, larger cutters. It is equipped with a standard 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) drive motor. The 40K is for the highest solids loading environments like prisons and combined flow sewer pumps stations as well as industrial operations like oil sludge systems. With flow capabilities up to 6,860 gallons per minute (1,560 cubic meters per hour), it is a perfect fit for high flow applications and will excel in biosolids systems for larger treatment plants.


All dual shafted grinders have two rows of hardened steel cutters that rotate at slow speed and with incredibly high-torque. This means they are capable of grinding down large, pump clogging solids into small particles. 30K Monsters are also available with Wipes Ready® technologies which are specifically designed for shredding wipes and rags. Wipes Ready cutters shred rags and disposable wipes into small pieces that will not weave back together and form long ropes and rag balls.