JWC Environmental, a Sulzer Brand, is a world leader in solids reduction and removal systems for municipal and industrial applications. The latest innovation to the JWC line-up is its Wipes Ready® technology. Municipal waste streams are being plagued by the recent shortage of toilet paper, which has led many people to use alternates such as baby wipes and wet wipes that ball together and shut down waste conveyance systems. The Wipes Ready technologies are designed to shred disposable wipes and rags into small pieces that are unable to reweave into ragballs. Conventional grinders shred wipes into long strips that may reweave into ropes and form ragballs, clogging pumps and other systems. The Wipes Ready technologies feature enhancements to the proven Muffin Monster® and Channel Monster® grinders—equipping them to better protect pumps and prevent unplanned maintenance and damage.

JWC’s Muffin Monster grinders are designed to quickly cut problem solids down to size, preventing costly pump problems and sewer backups. They utilize two rows of sharp steel cutters that rotate slowly toward each other to actively pull materials into the grinder while using high torque to breakdown the troublesome solids. Muffin Monster grinders have proven to be effective in dealing with the wide variety of solids that can be found in waste streams, including wood, plastics and other inorganic materials. The units are available with a variety of cutter configurations, and the design quickly adapts to existing pipeline and in-channel installations with little modification.

The expert JWC Service Solutions team is responsible for keeping JWC Environmental equipment running at peak performance. This team of professionals is specially trained to help customers get the most out of their equipment and extend the life of their investments. JWC Service Solutions tackles system startups, upgrading equipment to the latest technology, on-site screen rebuilds, and simple replacement parts.

JWC solutions include its legendary Muffin Monster and Channel Monster sewage grinders, engineered systems such as its Auger Monster® and Honey Monster®, its Monster Separation System® incorporating one of its course screens or fine screens with the superior screenings conditioning of the Monster Wash Press, and IPEC industrial screens to solve unique wastewater processing situations. JWC partners with its customers to help them run efficient and compliant wastewater treatment operations as well as solve challenging size-reduction problems.  

JWC Environmental is headquartered in Santa Ana, California. The company is supported by a worldwide network of representatives, distributors and regional service centers to meet local customer needs. 

More information on JWC Environmental is available at www.jwce.com.