Basic Condition Monitoring Kit
The SKF Basic Condition Monitoring Kit (CMAK 400-ML) equips manufacturing plants with an essential collection of measurement tools designed to assess the health of rotating machinery across industries.  The tools in this compact kit enable multi-parameter machine assessment by monitoring overall machine condition and specifically testing bearings, pumps, electric motors, and compressors—all to advance an operation’s maintenance and reliability objectives.
The kit includes the SKF Machine Condition Advisor (CMAS 100-SL) to simultaneously measure machine vibration signals and temperature indicating machine health and bearing condition; a compatible external sensor featuring a 100 mV/g accelerometer with coiled integral cable and magnet for accessing hard-to-reach surfaces and providing repeatable data measurements; the SKF Infrared Thermometer (CMSS 3000-SL) serving as a dual laser sighted non-contact instrument for temperature monitoring at a distance; and the SKF Inspector 400 Ultrasonic Probe (CMIN 400-K), which senses high frequency sounds, leaks, and electric discharges that may signal problems and makes them audible.
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