IWAKI America

IX Series Advanced Metering Pumps

IWAKI, a worldwide leader of high performance chemical handling, dispensing and control equipment, is proud to introduce the IX-B metering pumps, significantly expanding their IX Series line of advanced metering pumps. Four new models offer an output range down to 0.002GPH, creating a full pump line with capabilities from 0.002GPH to 80GPH and pressures up to 250PSI in eight models.

The IX Series are direct-drive, digitally controlled metering pumps combining both accuracy and flexibility into a low-power, energy efficient design. Using sophisticated BLDC motor control technology, precise control is maintained over a wide output range, enabling a small product range to satisfy a broad range of application flow rate requirements. The IX Series meets today’s demands for automated chemical delivery in industries from wastewater treatment and chemical process to agriculture and food processing.

The new IX-B pumps retain all the advanced features of the existing IX family. Fully programmable inputs enable the pump to be controlled via analog, digital, or ProfiBus communication with additional standard remote control and alarming features. A high turndown capability coupled with an accurate 1% repeatability enable few pumps to cover a wide range of applications. The patent pending degassing design of the pump end coupled with the drive design enable the pumps to continuously purge gas in the system through the pumps—eliminating one of the most common pump problems. By design, the IX series pumps are extremely energy efficient and include advanced safety features, such as built-in leak detection, ensuring continuous pump operation.

The IX-B pumps include both functional and convenience enhancements ranging from new diaphragms to flexible installation and mounting abilities. An all new solid PTFE diaphragm improves overall chemical resistance and helps expand applications. A completely redesigned control unit enables the display/keypad location and orientation to be customized on-site to suit the installation. The status of the pump is easily viewed in dark locations or from a distance with a large multi-color LED indication bar mounted in the top of control unit. The pump mounting base quickly converts to a wall mount bracket for more convenient installation options. The flexible liquid connection options now include tubing connections. All the features in the IX-B pumps combine to provide tremendously versatile solutions in a small package.

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