Those in industry throughout the Ohio Valley lost a dear friend and colleague on December 22, 2020. Four days after his 73rd birthday, Noel Henderson left us. Leaving behind his wife, Debbie, children Colin and Danielle, and grandson, Alex.
Noel had spent nearly 50 years in the valves and controls business. While shrewd and aggressive, Noel was also a gentleman and an asset for his wealth of application knowledge and experience.

Noel was a Vietnam Veteran and in his very early years worked at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. Noel’s early years in the valve business had him working in varying capacities at the H.O. Trerice Company. His last job there as Division Manager and his later roles centered on Distributor Development for which he was quite suited for and skilled at.

Noel’s hobbies included: All things travel, rode the rail whenever possible, truly a man of Trains, Planes and Automobiles. He was also a model railroad enthusiast. He loved all types of music from Rock to his favorite Jazz and Blues. He pulled his camper all over from Put-In-Bay, Ohio to the Gulf Shores of Alabama with Debbie and friends. He always had the knowledge of all the finest restaurants, clubs, and pubs all over the country. Noel had a real solid love and appreciation of the Arts, enjoying plays from Broadway to your local cities and small towns. He even had many acting roles in his hometown of Circleville, Ohio.

For the last 25 years, Noel Henderson ran his own rep company, “Fluid and Steam Specialties”, a valve, regulator and controls focused rep business. One of the things that made Noel unique is that he ran his business as a “pure” rep company, not once in 25 years did, he ever buy and resell anything. He focused his expertise exclusively on distributors and end users, helping guide them through the technical and application aspects of valves and controls.

Noel traveled quite extensively throughout the Ohio Valley and maintained a territory that for some would be more suited for a regional sales manager Noel was a considerable asset for the companies he represented and worked with. Carrying forward with brands like Century Valve, H.O Trerice, Warren Controls, Westlock Controls and Watson McDaniel, Noel developed a sterling reputation for delivering on what he promised. Whether it was a quote, providing technical assistance or support for the many quality products he represented, you could be sure Noel would add value to any project he was associated with.

Noel has a legacy of positively influencing the literally hundreds people he has worked with and trained over the years. He loved people and he loved his work. Noel will be missed by all those he touched and by those who shared his passion.