IDEC Corporation has expanded its human machine interfaces (HMI) product family with the new HG2J Series 7-inch touchscreen HMI. Hardware and software advancements incorporated into this HMI make it easier to integrate and use for any type of industrial application.


The HMI’s projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP) technology saves space, improves performance, is wear-resistant, and provides a long life. PCAP glass requires fewer layers than traditional analog resistive plastic films, and the self-capacitance technology can also prevent accidental input due to water droplets. It is also more resistant to scratches, won’t turn yellow in the sun, and has a higher tolerance for dirt deposits, and for contact with cleaning or washdown chemicals. Fewer layers and better light transmission ratings mean less backlight power is needed and provides an industry-leading 5,300 cd-per-square-feet brightness level and 50,000-hour backlight life.

With a TFT LCD display resolution of 800×480 pixels, the HG2J HMI is conveniently sized for applications both small and large, and it provides smooth font rendering within its large high-visibility display area. This PCAP display does not require the large bezels of standard IR displays, allowing the bezel to be slimmer and sleeker in appearance for a small installation footprint, and the overall HMI depth is just 1.1 inches, substantially less than the approximately 2-inch depth required by competing products.

Operation with an input voltage of 12-24 VDC makes the HG2J HMI suitable for a wide variety of industrial, solar, and vehicle applications. The HMI is rated for operation in an exceptionally wide temperature range of -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 60 degrees Celsius), and it carries IP66/67, UL, and CE ratings, with a Class I Div 2 hazardous location rating.


HG2J HMIs feature a full complement of connectivity options, including two USB A ports, serial connectivity (RS485/422 and RS232C), and an Ethernet port. Push-in wiring connectors are used for power and serial connections, providing easy installation and service. The USB ports enable connectivity with Linux-compatible accessories such as wifi and Bluetooth dongles, speakers, and barcode readers. 

A single reset button is used for rebooting the unit, and a multifunction front LED light provides status information for the hardware, boot mode, and OS operating mode. Maintenance is simplified because the HMI requires no batteries, it uses MRAM to maintain data stored in internal data registers in the absence of power, and it features a hypercapacitor to maintain clock operation for up to two weeks without line power.


The HG2J HMI supports over 100 serial and Ethernet industrial communication protocols, including Modbus, providing connectivity with most PLC makes and models and making it ideal for industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications. The HMI supports simultaneous use of up to four protocols, and the User Communication Protocol function allows users to develop their own protocols for specialty serial or Ethernet devices. 

A built-in web server provides remote access functionality for PCs and mobile devices just as if the user were in front of the HMI itself—improving operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance—while the FTP client/server protocol can be used for transferring configurations and data between local memory and external systems. Email functionality provides up to 255 templates so alarm logs, data values, screenshots, and more can be transmitted to multiple recipients securely using SMTPS and SSL. The HMI also supports Twitter for notifying users of system status.


The HG2J HMI OS provides 24Mb of user application memory and more address space than prior models. Download time is nine times faster than prior models, and it supports a wide variety of external devices and printers.

All HMIs in the product line are configured using the same simple, intuitive WindO/I-NV4 screen creation software, so users only need to be familiar with one inexpensive software package. The drag-and-drop user interface and built-in symbol library with over 10,700 images helps users rapidly create cutting-edge graphics. Another advantage is projects can automatically be converted from one HMI size to another within seconds using the same software.


The IDEC HG2J 7-inch touchscreen HMI uses modern hardware and software technologies to provide an optimal display size and a high degree of usability in the smallest form factor possible, with ratings enabling integration into all types of projects and environments. These features make it a good fit for remote operations in the petrochemical and mining industries, and in food and beverage and life sciences applications subject to washdowns.


IDEC Corporation is a global supplier that has provided innovative and reliable industrial automation and control products since 1945. Covering a broad range of market needs, these feature-rich and value-driven products include PLCs, human machine interfaces (HMIs), safety products, and other industrial automation components. By delivering world-class products backed by personalized service and highly-rated technical support, IDEC enables design engineers to create lean, cost-effective, and safe solutions to optimize their automation applications. With the recent acquisition of APEM, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of operator interface panels and related components, IDEC continues to enhance its customers’ ability to create high-quality solutions. For more information, visit

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