A large Indian water purification company has increased the efficiency and reliability of its water purification plant with twenty hours per day running due to Wanner Hydra-Cell pumps. 

The plant, which the company was running for a pharmaceutical organization, previously had to slow or stop operations due to frequent leakages and a lack of reliability in critical pumps. The company quickly spotted the problem and, working with Wanner International, found a solution. The Hydra-Cells (G35s, G12s, and G21s) handled with ease a range of corrosive chemicals and liquids with high solids.


In the old system, pumps would have to run at lower speeds. Production would frequently stop meaning it was not uncommon to lose a day in downtime. This was caused by solid particles becoming lodged in the packing, which would have to be replaced every couple of days, typically taking between four to five hours, and the plungers would only last three to four months.

Wanner’s Hydra-Cell seal-less pump solved these problems, with high reliability and little on-going maintenance achieving low operating expenses. The pumps are saving the company millions of dollars every year.


With the water purification specialist billing its customer per liter of processed fluid, leakage meant the company was effectively pouring money down the drain. Worst still, if the plant was shut down, no money would be generated at all.

The plant now operates twenty hours per day with Wanner’s Hydra-Cell pumps running constantly. Working in partnership with this multi-national water purification company, Wanner was able to design and install an efficient and reliable pumping solution, solving in one fell-swoop these operational problems.  


Wanner’s innovative Hydra-Cell pumps are helping businesses save time, money, and resources, and make water processing plants more efficient and profitable. Wanner International supplies the company with over 100 pumps a year for reverse osmosis (RO), handling effluent, and industrial waste.

Wanner has supplied ultra-high-pressure reverse osmosis (RO) process pumps to a variety of companies in the water industry, including APATEQ, manufacturers of custom water treatment systems (see attached photograph). 


Paul Davis is managing director of Wanner International. With over thirty-five years combined service at Wanner International, our customer services teams are real people at the end of the phone and have passion to deliver the promises they make to all our customers—a loyal and trustworthy team always striving to exceed customers’ expectations. For more information, visit www.hydra-cell.co.uk/ropumps.

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