Across an array of industrial applications, the performance of gas or steam turbines, compressors, and hydraulic systems is a critical factor for maintaining reliability and the bottom line. One way to ensure performance adheres to the standards of your application is to prevent unwanted deposits and build-up from adhering to these systems. 

Mobil™ Solvancer® is a cost-effective, oil-soluble cleaner that can be added to in-service oils to quickly dissolve varnish and organic deposits from within gas or steam turbines, compressors, and hydraulic systems, ultimately helping to improve reliability and reduce overall cost of operation. Specifically, the product helps address issues such as escalating bearing temperatures and avoid issues such as re-adhesion, transfer of deposits, filter plugging, oil line flow blockage and more.

Varnish before and after Mobil Solvancer use.


Designed for operators in the power generation and petrochemical industries, Mobil Solvancer supports oil conversions, alleviates operational issues due to varnish, and helps with oil life extension. In addition to helping improve equipment reliability, it can help operators reach extended overhaul-to-overhaul goals and help reduce total cost of ownership.

Mobil Solvancer is a customized oil soluble cleaner developed by Fluitec® using their proven DECON™ technology. The oil-soluble cleaner is gentle on systems and compatible with lubricants and hydraulic oils formulated with API group I to IV base stocks with no adverse impact on in-service oil or additive performance. Mobil Solvancer also offers one of the industry’s lowest treat rate—3 to 5 percent compared to the average treat rate of 10 to 15 percent—and extended protection of more than one year, exceeding the performance of many competitive products.


Mobil Solvancer is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in the following applications:

  • Turbines (excluding aero derivatives) 
  • Compressors 
  • Hydraulic systems 
  • Gear boxes 
  • Paper machines 
  • Heat transfer

Furthermore, use of Mobil Solvancer does not require systems to be taken offline in many cases such as when used to eliminate minor deposits or in support of oil life extensions and works quickly to dissolve varnish and sludge from circulating lubrication systems, bearings, hydraulic systems, etc.; resists deposit re-adhesion when cooled.


Mobil Solvancer’s unique property enables conversions and helps with elevated bearing temperature troubleshooting, which supports oil life extension and thus helps reduce operating costs. As mentioned above, its comparably low treat rate of 3 to 5 percent may provide cost effective alternatives to costly flushing and system cleaning. Elimination of flushing means less product is needed to deliver the same performance.

All this leads to extended protection of up to one year, exceeding the longevity of most competitive products, and helps operators achieve extended overhaul-to-overhaul goals. 


Since Mobil Solvancer does not require system flushing after use, it can be used safely for extended use with no adverse effects to in-service oils and affords operator improved flexibility.

Specifically, Solvancer is compatible with lubricants and hydraulic oils formulated with API group I to IV base stocks and does not adversely impact lubricant performance including oxidation stability, anti-wear, gear loading, demulsibility, foam, and air release. It also does not adversely impact testing on OEM or industry specifications/approvals and is completely benign towards in-service oils, seals, paints and, coatings commonly used in systems.  


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