Green hydrogen has emerged as a key focal point of the global energy transition and is driving opportunities for companies across the water industry, according to a new report from Bluefield Research.

“The scale and success of the hydrogen market also depends on the sometimes-overlooked availability of water supplies,” says Bluefield President and CEO Reese Tisdale. “We would certainly expect to see increasing investment in water reuse (i.e., reclaimed wastewater), brackish and seawater desalination, and municipal utility infrastructure to meet scaling water demand, globally.”

The nascent hydrogen sector is experiencing unprecedented momentum shaped by new policies, financial incentives, and project developer interests. To date, thirty countries have developed hydrogen strategies and roadmaps with almost 2,000 projects announced on every continent, according to Bluefield’s report.

“Whether it be the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States, the EU’s regulatory framework for achieving its green hydrogen production goal, China’s five-year plan highlighting green development, Japan’s investment in fuel cells, or Australia’s goal to be a renewable energy exporter, hydrogen investment and interest is at an all-time high.” says Tisdale.