GRAPHALLOY® case rings and bushings allow pumps to survive repeated “run-dry” conditions, slow roll operation, and frequent stop/starts—conditions where metal and plastics fail. 

GRAPHALLOY can improve the reliability and efficiency of your pumps. In horizontal and vertical pumps, GRAPHALLOY will not seize or gall if run dry or with marginal lubrication. The GRAPHALLOY fitted pump is able to survive upsets, dry running, loss of suction, slow roll on standby, and other transient conditions that would damage a conventionally fitted pump.

GRAPHALLOY can be the solution to the toughest bearing, bushing, thrust washer, cam follower, or pillow block bearing design problem. It is available in over 100 grades with specific properties that meet a wide range of engineering solutions and specifications. FDA acceptable grades of GRAPHALLOY are available for food contact equipment. NSF® International has certified two grades of GRAPHALLOY material for use in municipal well pumps and water treatment plant applications.

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