To anticipate the changing needs of pump users, manufacturers need to build closer relationships with their clients—even if they seem a world away. At Landia, two recent cases illustrate how one of the top pump and mixer manufacturers in Europe has expanded its reach both east and west in order to better see the needs of today’s industrial pump users.
Guilin, the pearl of China’s emerging tourist industry, has chosen Landia’s flowmakers, mixers, and recirculation pumps for two new wastewater treatment plants that are being built in the city famed for its magical land formations. The order, for a total of seventy-eight Landia flowmakers, mixers and recirculation pumps was based on the ultra-reliability and performance of twenty Landia flowmakers that have served Guilin since 1995.
Landia’s proven POPL-I flowmakers will be installed in the aeration, anoxic, and anaerobic zones at Guilin, where their low rotations provide unrivalled flexibility for wastewater treatment. POP-I mixers from Landia, which are designed for harsh conditions, will also agitate, homogenize, and keep solids in suspension.
The expansion demonstrates that forward-thinking customers recognize and appreciate the operational and financial benefits that can be gained from investing in top quality equipment. For product longevity and reliability, Landia’s reputation in China and the Far East goes from strength to strength. The flowmaker POP-I series is planetary gear driven, available in 1.8 to 12.2 horsepower and can be found in various applications: for flow creation and mixing of liquids at water plants, wastewater treatment plants, in industrial applications, and food processing. Operation is often continuous, which requires high efficiency and thereby a low energy consumption. This is achieved through a low speed. The low speed minimizes turbulence on the surface, whereby oxidation is avoided in the anoxic phase. Low propeller revolutions grant soft effluent treatment in activated sludge processes. Flocculation is promoted with the gentle mixing and disturbance of the biological balance is avoided.
Meanwhile, Landia’s AXP-I pumps, which recirculate large volumes of water at low head but without creating excessive energy bills, will recirculate activated sludge from the Aeration Zone into the Anoxic Zone at Guilin. These recirculation pumps have a propeller designed for high efficiency pumping and a triple shaft sealing system. The planetary gear system gives the impeller ideal speed and efficiency. The AXP-I series comes with pressure tested waterproof motor casing, IP 68 rated, and is available with an explosion proof motor.
Landia has continued its recent run of work in Shropshire with the introduction of a new pumping station for its neighbor Grocontinental, one of the United Kingdom’s leading international storage and distribution companies. Working in close conjunction with Chalcroft Construction who carried out the installation as part of a new 43,055.6 square feet (4000 square meters) warehouse for Grocontinental, Landia’s pumping station will handle wastewater and yard run-off at the prestigious Whitchurch site.
David Grocott, joint managing director at Grocontinental, comments, “Chalcroft Construction has proved to be a proactive, reliable long term partner—and we are also very pleased to be working with our close neighbors Landia who are an equally reputable and quality-conscious company.”
The new installation at Grocontinental follows the successful work carried out by Landia at the nearby Dearnford visitor attraction and at The White House School, where raw unscreened sewage is pumped from a 9.84 feet (3 meters) deep sump 1312.34 feet (400 meters), via 3.94 inches (100 millimeters) of pipework to the sewer main by a 4 kilowatt 1500 rpm Landia DG Chopper Pump, which uses a unique knife system to reduce the risk of clogs developing in the line and ensures comminution of coarse solid parts making the pump especially suited for the pumping of heavily contaminated and thickened liquids with a high dry matter content. ■
Thorkild Maagaard is Landia’s export sales director. For more information on Landia’s range of pumps, visit
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