As we saw in part 1 of this article last month, today’s electronically-controlled dosing pumps are often overloaded with electronic application options that are often not required for cooling lubricant dosing, yet still have to be paid for with the equipment. The solution to this is the LDT Dosatron proportional dosing system, which can be integrated into different, customer-specific systems.
proportional dosing system
The following applies to all solutions with the non-electric dosing pump:

  • The proportional dosing system works hydraulically, volumetrically and without electric power.
  • The dosing is proportional to the flow rate of the water.
  • High dosing accuracy and reproducibility.
  • High system availability.
  • The necessary, ready-to-use cooling lubricant solutions are dosed directly into the storage tank of the machine tools.
  • The design does not allow for any incorrect dosing or errors when producing the mixtures (emulsions and solutions).
  • It independently compensates for system fluctuations caused by temperature, pressure, flow rate, suction lift and viscosity.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Very short delivery times for complete dosing systems and spare parts from the LDT Dosiertechnik GmbH warehouse in Hamburg.

Another advantage of the LDT Dosatron dosing system is its easy installation into different operator systems. A central, stationary filling station can be set up as one option, from which a service technician can fill the finished solution into cans and then fill the machines manually.

Another option is the complete installation of the dosing unit on a mobile dosing cart, which can hold the concentrate container as well as the proportional dosing system, and, if required, a drip pan. One dosing system is therefore enough to meet the needs of all machines in a workshop area, as the service technician can go from machine to machine filling the cooling lubricant as required. This results in high system availability and flexible servicing of the machines.
If a number of machine tools are fed cooling lubricant, cleaning agent or biocides from a central supply line, one dosing system is also enough in each case to supply the necessary media.

Mobile dosing equipment on a trolley
Renowned customers of LDT Dosiertechnik GmbH, e.g. RhenusLub, a well-known manufacturer of industrial lubricants, saw the advantages of the LDT Dosatron proportional dosing system some time ago and offer the dosing units to their customers together with their concentrates.
Josef Geisbauer, a service technician at RhenusLub adds: “In total, we have around 600 LDT Dosatron dosing systems being used by our customers, who often operate in the area of machining technology. There they are exposed to extremely harsh operating conditions. The units prove to be extremely robust, especially when they are mounted in place. LDT Dosiertechnik also creates complete packages for us, specially designed for these conditions of use and to offer long durability.”

Mobile dosing cart with drip pan
“The pumps themselves always ensure constant output quantities, even with heavily fluctuating inlet pressures, which is not offered by the products of other manufacturers in this form,” Geisbauer continues. “The result is always a stable and homogeneous emulsion. We also often have to mix two components together. To do this we use an option only offered by this model: we simply connect two LDT Dosatron units in series. You can’t do that with other units. And if our customers comment that the price of the Dosatron model isn’t exactly cheap, I always say: do you want something cheap or something good?”

Innovative ideas are needed to increase the energy efficiency of machine tools. The LDT Dosatron proportional dosing system for cooling lubricants contributes to this objective considerably, as it doesn’t need electricity to work and also offers high dosing accuracy and ease of use. Alongside the cost savings of not having to install electrical cables and above all due to the energy savings from the hydraulic motor, the dosing system provides high system availability thanks to easy maintenance and flexible servicing. Short delivery times and a good price/performance ratio make the LDT Dosatron proportional dosing system a sound investment. ◆
With a wide product range of metering pumps from leading international manufacturers, such as Dosatron, Iwaki, Doseuro, and Etatron, LDT Dosiertechnik GmbH offers standard and customized solutions for a variety of metering applications, all supported by a wide range of accessories. For more information, visit
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