Being the largest customer of your own product line provides unique insight into equipment designs that perform well. That is certainly true in the case of Global Pump and its parent company, Mersino Dewatering, Inc. Since Global Pump’s inception in 1997, our standard has been to provide nothing less than cost-effective, durable products, and quality services. 

Through the years, we have designed and supplied pumps and accessories for a wide variety of applications and industries. The construction and sewer industries heavily utilize our portable trash pumps capable of handling solids up to 4.5 inches. Mines, quarries, and the oil industry, which require the ability to move clean water up high elevations or over long distances, utilize our high-head pumps capable of over 700 feet of head. Our hard metal CD4MCu pumps are commonly used by the environmental and industrial sectors, while municipalities value our Global SafeGuard backup pumps and our trailer-mounted units, which are easy to use and maintain and offer low operating costs. The disaster relief and recovery industry, which urgently demands all hands and equipment on deck when nature calls, relies on Mersino to respond 24/7/365 with our extensive fleet and resources, twelve branches nationwide, and a distributor network throughout North America. 

With the exception of our rotary and piston style pumps, the Global Pump product line utilizes an enclosed impeller design which results in greater fuel efficiency than pumps with an open impeller. These fuel savings accumulate over the course of a year of continuous operation and may even add up to the cost of the brand new pump itself! For example, at a duty point of 2,500 gallons per minute at 105 feet of TDH, our 8-inch Global Standard Trash Pump (8GST) performs at an efficiency of 80 percent! That translates to an 82.8 Brake horsepower requirement and a fuel consumption of approximately 4.5 gallons per hour. How much does your pump cost you per project?

For over twenty-four years, Mersino has been the largest end-user of the Global Pump product line. Mersino’s direct channel for feedback to the engineering and development teams and in-the-field research and development allows pump designs to continually evolve to meet market demands. This evolution includes maintaining our supreme quality, durability and ease of use—which lend to a project’s, and participating parties’, profitability and success. For instance, the removable suction spool and placement of the mechanical seal on our SAE-mounted pumps allow for front removal and eliminate the need for shaft re-alignment after replacement or repair. Anyone who has experienced this repair first-hand in the field will appreciate our easier and faster option, which substantially reduces down-time on a project.

Whether you are involved with construction or mine dewatering, pipeline bypass, water transfer and supply, or emergency response, we have the pumps and expertise to meet your needs. If you dream of a purple pump on a trailer with baskets for fittings and various bells and whistles, our in-house design team can make it a reality! We have the ability to customize a pump to your specific requirements—diesel or electric, trailer or skid, trash-handling or high-head. Our applications specialists will work with you to find the right solution, customized to your situation.

Mersino is a full-service contractor with experience in design, engineering, installation, service, and on-site project management. Global Pump designs, tests, manufactures, services, sells, and rents equipment to customers around the world that is made in the USA. If you are unsure of your project needs or have a list of required dewatering/pumping equipment, the Mersino and Global Pump teams are only a phone call away.

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