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Applied Flow Technology (AFT), a pioneer in pipe flow modeling software, has a comprehensive line
of products for the analysis and design of piping and ducting systems. And with international recognition as the leading software to design, analyze, and solve piping system problems, the company has released a significant upgrade to its fluid dynamic simulation software, AFT Fathom, with version 10. Below, AFT’s Vice President of Technology Jeff Olsen, shares his insights on what the upgrade can offer AFT’s customers and how the company is looking to expand its reach. You can also download a free trial demo of the software at

MPT: For those unfamiliar with AFT Fathom, how would you best describe its usefulness?

Jeff Olsen: AFT Fathom is fluid dynamic simulation software used by engineers around the world to calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in liquid and low velocity gas piping and ducting systems. Simply put, AFT Fathom helps engineers understand their piping system and predict how pipes, valves, pumps, and other components interact with each other. It allows them to easily model, analyze and simulate their systems in order to evaluate the performance of new designs and assure all design requirements are met.

AFT Fathom truly helps engineers accurately select and size components, so they can produce less costly and more reliable piping systems. The software’s output data will even summarize the codes and standards used within the model. 

MPT: How does AFT Fathom fit into the trust Applied Flow Technology has built with its customers?

Jeff Olsen: AFT’s reputation for technical depth is now accompanied by our ability to integrate more than ever with Excel, GIS Shapefiles, CAESAR II, EPANet, AutoCAD Plant 3D, SmartPlant, PDS, and CADWorx as well as utilize 2D or isometric pipe model viewing. These factors add a level of ability to not only efficiently model and analyze a system, but to present it to others in a cohesive fashion.

Behind each AFT Fathom model is a real person, a real company, and a real problem that at one point needed solving. And that’s exactly what customers have done with the help of AFT Fathom for almost twenty-five years—they solve fluid flow problems.

MPT: What industry areas have you seen benefiting most from AFT Fathom?

Jeff Olsen: AFT’s extensive portfolio of customers includes a majority of leading international companies and engineers. From aerospace to chemical processing, and refineries to power generation, AFT Fathom has been used to identify solutions and create proactive designs within the world’s most advanced piping and ducting systems.

MPT: AFT has recently partnered with Cortex Engineering Software as one of its international channel partners. How does this new relationship boost AFT’s offerings?

Jeff Olsen: While new to AFT, Cortex Engineering Software has been selling and supporting world’s-best engineering software for over thirty years. Based in Melbourne and Perth, Cortex prides themselves on their accumulated engineering experience and industry knowledge that allows them to add value to their clients’ businesses. 

Their extensive experience enables them to provide top rated and timely support to all clients. Their clients also appreciate Cortex’s ability to deliver educated and detailed advice on potential products.

In addition to AFT products, Cortex has been a Global Network Partner of Hexagon for their CADWorx and Analysis Solutions, has represented Paulin Research Group for over fifteen years, and sells and supports BricsCAD (a quality, low cost, AutoCAD alternative). υ

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