Around the world and in a variety of industries, applications dealing with water processing and handling have been seeking an environmentally friendly device for protection against lime scale deposits. The priority would be to implement a maintenance- and chemical-free process, which protects against mineral deposits and improves the cleaning properties of water—one that can be installed in both the private and industrial sector

That was the mission behind Scalewatcher’s innovative and environmentally friendly approach developed in the 1980s and still used today. Scalewatcher achieves this and many more positive effects confirmed by countless customers worldwide—one such success story helped an ice company meet high quality standards while also reducing maintenance and cleaning costs associated with shutdowns.


York Ice Company located in York, Pennsylvania, was experiencing a large amount of downtime due to scale build up in their commercial ice factory. As they are not permitted to use any chemicals to remove the scale build up, they had to shut down for maintenance on the ice machines, reducing sales and increasing maintenance costs.

After seeing an ad for Scalewatcher products in a trade magazine, York Ice contacted Scalewatcher North America. 

“York Ice has battled scale build-up for years on our icemakers, water lines, and evaporative condensers,” says Dave Neuman, vice president of York Ice Co., Inc. “In November 2013, York Ice Co., Inc. installed a Scalewatcher from Scalewatcher North America, Inc. on two of our three incoming water lines to our ice makers.”

Pam McDowell from Scalewatcher went to the factory to assess the situation and quoted an IE8 unit to be installed on the water intake line 30 feet ahead of the ice makers.


Customers can sometimes be understandably skeptical of Scalewatcher’s claims to fight scale build up with environmentally friendly techniques—but results speak for themselves, and it doesn’t take long to convince them otherwise.

“Our facility manager and maintenance staff were all skeptical that the Scalewatcher would work,” continues Neuman. “After multiple conversations with the team at Scalewatcher and a six-month money back guarantee, York Ice gave it a try. The Scalewatcher is simple to install and environmentally friendly. York Ice no longer has to use harsh chemicals to clean the scale off our ice makers plus there is also no down time during our busy summer months.”


Installation of the IE8 unit was completed by the maintenance personnel of York Ice as there was no plumbing required and the install only took twenty minutes. 

“The Scalewatcher has been amazing as it has not only kept our systems from scaling up but also has reduced the scale build-up that had accumulated for years on our systems,” adds Neuman. “After a year of use, we were so impressed that we ordered another Scalewatcher for our other incoming water lines.”


Better water meant better product for York Ice while cutting their maintenance costs. The IE8 unit softened and removed the existing scale build up without down time and also increased the ice output for York Ice. Since the initial unit install in 2013 to the expansion in 2015, York Ice has continued to reap the benefits of higher quality with lower costs.  

“Every ice company should be using this amazing tool,” concludes Neuman.

From its development over twenty-five years ago to today, the Scalewatcher technology expanded from its origins in The Netherlands to assisting customers worldwide. A variety of offices in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia ensures sales and service for the most varied applications.


Jan de Baat Doelman is president of Scalewatcher. The Scalewatcher is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical and mechanical descaling. Launched in the 1980s it has successfully treated hard water problems for industrial manufacturers as well as water companies, oil producers, farmers, horticulturists, shipping companies, shopping centers, school, universities, and government establishments. For more information, call 610.932.6888, email, or visit

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