Federal Process Corporation, a diversified manufacturer of specialty chemicals and premium-quality building products and supplier of innovative plumbing products, is rebranding as FPC International, Inc. As the company has grown, building its product offerings through its own research and scientific innovations, along with recent acquisitions, the action is a more fitting reflection of the company’s expansion into a much broader range of niche industries.

“We have evolved significantly over the course of our rich history, and our name change is an appropriate action to more clearly demonstrate our growing presence in the markets we serve,” says Jon Outcalt, Jr., president, FPC International, Inc. “With that said, as we grow, we continue to take pride in our commitment to maintaining close connections with our customers and providing expertise and counsel on a very personal level.”

Today, FPC International, Inc. remains loyal and dedicated to its local roots, retaining its global headquarters in Cleveland, and manages five distinct businesses within the building product and specialty chemical industries.