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The eccentric disc pump JE Series is now available and certified for potentially explosive atmospheres for ATEX Zone 1. Today, all pumps proposed can be adapted for ATEX Zone 2 environments. In a development process and to meet the growing needs of handling flammable liquids or combustible materials, Jump has certified its eccentric disc pump range JE Series for Zone 1. They comply with the 2014/34/UE Directive on equipment and protection systems. The Jump company relies on quality products that meet the requirement of each client in their specific markets.

Jump Pump


The range is currently composed of six sizes that can reach up to 3,360 cubic feet per hour. The JE Series technology allows the seamless transfer of various fluids, liquids to viscous, for many industries such as food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, energy, mines, and so on.

Jump proposes its equipment in ductile iron, stainless cast iron or 316L stainless steel depending on the application. The JE Series pumps can be adapted for sensitive, abrasive or corrosive products and are also compatible with different types of connections (PN16 or PN20 flanges, hose barb, Clamp, SMS, DIN, MACON, and so on) allowing simple integration into existing facilities.

Jump eccentric disc pumps respects integrity and quality of the pumped product thanks to very low shear rate and reduced pulsations.

In addition, the disassembly of the mechanical seal is still facilitated. All elements can be removed by the front without uncoupling the pump from the piping and the motor thus allowing easy access inside the pump to the mechanical seal cartridge. This advantage allows time savings and productivity appreciated by many clients.

Advantages of JE Series


Now available for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Zone 1, the JE Series pump is made to be conductive to prevent electrical hazards and is designed to protect against internal and external explosions. It also prevents from overheating for a secure use for operators.

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Jump, a French family-owned company based in Villemandeur (Loiret, France), designs, manufactures, and sells different technologies of positive displacement pumps, vacuum pumps, and drum pumps for the transfer of all types of fluids for various applications. For more information, visit

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