After months of designing and bidding, construction has officially begun on the new Turbomachinery Laboratory Symposium Office. The new office will be adjacent to the Turbomachinery Laboratory on George Bush Dr. West. It will be one story and approximately 6,050 square feet. The office will contain thirteen new faculty and staff offices, six research associate workstations, a fifty-person conference and meeting room, new restrooms, mechanical and electrical rooms, and an updated HVAC chiller to serve both the laboratory and its new addition.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to consolidate the Turbo Lab staff, faculty, and students in a single location,” says Dr. Eric Petersen, Turbo Lab director. “Our mission is to make a vital impact on turbomachinery and related industries through research, education, and workforce development. Combining all three aspects of the center’s daily activities within a permanent, centralized space will allow us to better support this mission.”

The new Turbo Lab Symposium Office will take approximately twelve months to complete, with a tentative move-in date of February 2021.