Since our inception, we’ve become recognized as one of the leading centrifugal pump companies, building to the most demanding engineering specifications and military standards in the world.

Carver Pump’s quality management system is certified by Intertek to conform to ISO 9001:2015. Our commitment to quality includes not only our hardware, but also superior customer service, leading-edge R&D, and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Whether the job is refueling fighter jets on the deck of an aircraft carrier, supplying paint to an auto assembly line, or bringing water to the fountain in a city park, we put our reputation on the line everyday with every pump we build.


Our specialty is addressing the most challenging performance requirements using advanced design tools: the latest solid modeling software for analyzing structural problems, and exceptional hydraulic design capabilities.

We’ve refined our expertise by delivering tens of thousands of pumps into a wide variety of applications, routinely developing new products for very specific usage—for example, our tank-mounted 855 Series and new naval ship systems. Many of our standard products can be highly customized for specific OEM applications, such as parts-washing systems and boiler/heat-exchanger cleaning systems.

Whether the challenge is pump efficiency, difficult suction conditions or extreme environments, we’ll engineer the best solution to meet your goals for reliability, quality, and performance.


Every new pump design undergoes a series of rigorous tests using computer simulation, as well as in-laboratory testing. Using the latest finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software and advances in processing speed, we optimize our designs and troubleshoot before building a prototype.

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