BlockMaster Electronics, a leading supplier of terminal blocks for electrical and electronic distribution, launches a new website to make it easier for customers to select and order terminal block products.  The website features an entirely new Selection Guide for a wide range of terminal blocks and screw terminal hardware.

The new Selection Guide includes a quick visual selection of the primary BlockMaster terminal block and hardware families on the new home page.  From there, site visitors are taken to a table for the selected product family that provides a complete listing of terminal block or hardware products, including part numbers, photos, drawings, and data sheets or catalogs.  The table also identifies the Voltage, Current, Pitch, and Number of Poles for a quick visual identification of the terminal blocks needed.  The Current Rating is provided for the terminal screw hardware line (25A to 150A for PCB and surface mount).  Altogether, the Selection Guide covers over 9,500 part numbers.

The new website also includes listings of the company‚Äôs distributors and sales representatives, and a convenient Cross-Reference Guide of competitor part numbers.  To view the new website, visit