Barnes Expel Sump Pump

How are you protecting your house from changing weather conditions? During high water events, like spring thaws or heavy storm conditions, water can flood your home or basement. Not only does this put your valuables at risk, but it can also compromise the integrity of your foundation, costing thousands of dollars for repair. Our new Expel sump pump can help you tackle what Mother Nature throws your way! Get prepared now, so you don’t have to face the consequences later. 

The all-new Expel 1/3-horsepower sump pump from Barnes is robustly designed for long operational life and dependable service. Expel features a top suction volute, which prevents air-lock and debris buildup around the pump, keeping it running. The built-in strainer also prevents solids from entering the pump, which helps avoid clogging. The pump comes equipped with Type II mechanical seals that protect the submersible, oil-filled motor. The permanent split capacitor, low amperage motor uses less energy making it a more affordable, energy-efficient offering. Oil lubricated ball bearings are also included, which extended the operational life of the motor while offering a quieter operation. Regardless of where the pump is installed, you can still enjoy the space while the pump is running. Expel is the optimal sump pump for an array of applications including basement sump pumps, laundry rooms, slop sinks, wet bars, and more. 

The Expel is available in 1/3 horsepower, 120V 1 Phase, with a 3,450 RPM motor. The discharge is 1.25-inch FNPT. The maximum flow is 42 gallons per minute, and the maximum head is 20 feet. The pump comes with a 9-foot power cord as standard.

Expel is also available in the Barnes Laundry Tray System. The Laundry Tray System is a packaged system that comes with the pump, tank, discharge pipe, and check valve, and is designed for use wherever water needs to be moved and gravity flow is not available, or breaking concrete is not possible. The package is partially assembled for easy installation on site. The Laundry Tray can be used for laundry rooms, wet bars, water softeners, air conditioner condensation, and many other residential applications. The Laundry Tray has a capacity of 6 gallons, and is about 15 x 15 x 14 inches. 

If you’re interested in an Expel sump pump or Barnes Laundry Tray system, you can purchase one from one of our many wholesale distributors across the country. Contact the Barnes Customer Service team at Crane Pumps & Systems or use the Distributor Locator on the Crane Pumps & Systems website to find the Barnes Pumps distributor nearest you!

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