AutomationDirect’s free online PLC training program has been expanded with over a hundred additional training videos. The complete video training series encompasses various levels of training from entry level programming to advanced PLC functions and is available to anyone interested in learning about industrial controllers. The training video library is offered to all registrants free of charge with no purchase necessary.

This video library has now been expanded to include training on the advanced Do-more controller series. Do-more PLCs are extremely powerful with many advanced features and this training is perfect for those new to the Do-more platform or those just wanting to learn more about modern PLCs. Topics covered include how to use Do-more’s rung editor, devices, structures, subroutines, interrupts, forces, instructions, PEERLINK networking, project simulation, and PID loops.

The initial offering covered non-brand specific PLC basics with topics on logic gates, basic switches, sinking and sourcing, scan time, I/O fundamentals, memory addressing and more. Also included with the initial release were videos specifically covering the AutomationDirect CLICK PLC and include topics on how to use CLICK’s navigation, address picker, rung editor, logic instructions, internal control relays, data view window and many other functions.

These completely free online PLC training courses are available 24/7, allowing users to learn at their pace and at their convenience. To get unlimited access to the free online PLC training program, or to learn more about what is provided, visit