AutomationDirect has added a high voltage AC drive and compatible high torque motors to its stepping system motion control product offering. The AC stepper drive is powered from 90 to 240VAC and is intended for use with step motors designed to handle a high bus voltage of 340VDC. MTRAC motors are specially designed to work with high bus voltages, providing much higher torque, especially at higher speeds.

Stepper drive auto-setup measures motor parameters and configures motor current control and anti-resonance gain settings. The high voltage drive uses AC input 90 to 240VAC and output current is selectable from 0.6-2.5A/phase (peak of sine). Microstep resolution is switch selectable with sixteen settings from 200 to 25,600 steps/rev. The SureStep high bus voltage AC drive is $199.

Starting at $57, the high voltage, high torque MTRAC motors are available in single-shaft and dual-shaft configurations with steel rotor case and stainless-steel shafts. Motors are available in NEMA frame sizes 23 and 34 with torque available from 75 to 1841 oz-in.

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