The HDS Series of heavy duty submersible pumps offers a combination of rugged features that keeps it running strong through even the most extreme applications, allowing up to 70 percent solids by volume. Its standard features include internal slurry seal, HDS agitator, particle ejection ports, 316 stainless steel hardware, and high chrome iron construction.
HDS Series options:

  • Stainless Steel Spray Ring: Extra agitation when required for heavy solids
  • Control Panel: Simplex/duplex; built-In thermal overload and moisture detector
  • Moisture Detector: Prolongs pump performance; NEMA 4 enclosure; motor safeguard; signals early seal failure to avoid costly repairs
  • Explosion-Proof Slurry Seal: Carbon-Ni Resist faces and 316 stainless steel hardware for internal seal; tungsten carbide faces and 316 stainless steel hardware for external seal
  • Pump Pontoons: Custom floating pump systems available to tackle any requirements

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