Anue Water Technologies announces the relocation of its headquarters and manufacturing from Tucker, Georgia, to a substantially larger facility in the North Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, Georgia. The relocation is due to record growth during 2020 for Anue Water’s eco-friendly wastewater and other odor, corrosion and FOG (fats, oil, grease) control products, and the projected demand for these clean-tech solutions during and coming out of the pandemic.

According to Anue Water’s VP General Manager Greg Bock, “The new facilities in Alpharetta will enable us to prepare more equipment and ship it out more quickly to municipal and industrial customers throughout the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. “. 

Anue Water CEO Paul Turgeon adds, “The need for larger facilities springs from consumer and regulatory demands for more environmentally friendly solutions to odor, corrosion, and FOG problems. Anue’s recent addition of five new channel partners servicing the Gulf States, Georgia, Florida Panhandle, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, and the Upper Midwestern States is also creating new demand for Anue Water’s eco-friendly equipment from many more municipal and industrial customers.”