The America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 was signed into law today, making federal water infrastructure investment a top priority for the nation. This important legislation will help communities across the nation – big and small, rural and urban, red and blue – improve the safety and reliability of their drinking and wastewater systems. For the past year, Hydraulic Institute staff and members have met with legislators in the US Congress and on both sides of the aisle, advocating for this legislation and touting its importance to American jobs, US competitiveness and the health of communities.

The America’s Water Infrastructure Act will:

• Significantly increase annual, federal investment on water and wastewater infrastructure from approximately $2 Billion to over $7 Billion per year.
• Dramatically improve the efficiency and timeliness of the WIFIA Loan approval process.
• Allow States to fast-track existing, approved and permitted projects with the “no new reviews” provisions.
• Safeguard existing CWA and SDWA SRF Funding from cuts – no funding for WIFIA unless existing SRFs are fully funded

As Senator Boozman, Chair of the Senate Fisheries, Water and Wildlife Subcommittee observed, “What the SRF WIN Act does is simple, it combines the efficiency and trust associated with the State Revolving Funds with the leveraging power of the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act. This legislation makes the process easier and more affordable for states and communities to access federal water infrastructure funding – providing millions and potentially billions to communities that have not had access to federal water infrastructure funding.”