Friday was the third annual Energy Efficiency Day, an opportunity to share with others the transformative benefits of saving energy. Energy efficiency is the heart of a clean energy future. It saves Americans billions of dollars each year on utility bills, supports at least 2.25 million direct jobs and, by avoiding power plant emissions, it cleans our air, protects our health (avoids 30,000 asthma cases each year), and helps address climate change.
More than 320 organizations, companies, and utilities are participating in today’s event —#EEDay2018. The US Senate and at least 43 cities, counties, states, and universities have issued official proclamations recognizing October 5, 2018 as Energy Efficiency Day, including Atlanta and Los Angeles as well as Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The United States is moving ahead on energy efficiency, particularly at the local and state level, as shown in our newly released 2018 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. So please join us in sharing the good news. Email colleagues and friends, or share posts on social media (here’s a toolkit). Replace an old light bulb with an LED, or consider the other energy-saving tips on ACEEE’s for consumers and college students.

And finally, please show your support by signing up as a participant on the Energy Efficiency Day’s campaign’s website, hosted by regional and national groups, including ACEEE, that want to raise awareness about efficiency’s importance.