As regions in the United States and Canada begin to re-open for business, they are doing so with some new requirements and restrictions on how they operate. To provide better sanitization, many are being required to add additional wash station areas for their employees and customers. The Liberty 404 and commercial model 405 are the perfect solution for these additions and remodels!

The opportunities exist in manufacturing facilities, restaurants, schools, health care facilities, and almost all public and commercial buildings!  

Liberty’s model 405 is one of the few models made here in the U.S. that features high-temperature capability along with higher-head pumping (max head 34 feet). The 2-inch inlet, discharge, and vent allow it to be installed commercially on multi-compartment sinks, and it arrives fully assembled saving valuable labor time.  Keep in mind we offer new versions with pre-installed alarms and NightEye® (Wi-Fi) enabled options for both the 404 and 405!

Our QuickTree® Technology provides a separate access cover for easy switch inspection. For gray wastewater applications, the 405 is perfect for laundry trays, multi-compartment sinks, bar sinks, utility sinks, dishwashers, and allows you the freedom to install fixtures where gravity drain lines are not available. The system arrives fully assembled and ready to install. 

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